We breed and multiply quality animals at two breeding farms with corresponding annexes. All our facilities were carefully selected on the basis of their unique location and the so-called GIS map results, which means that they are located far from other pig producers with a lower health status. This provides a high degree of biosecurity and allows us to guarantee the highest health status (Red SPF).

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At Rønshauge we have 2,000 purebred sows of the breeds Danish Duroc, Danish Yorkshire and Danish Landrace. The centre breeds and multiplies purebred boars, gilts and female F1/hybrid sows.

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At Follerupgard, which is part of Breeding Center Rønshauge A/S, we multiply 450 YY sows and produce female F1/hybrid sows.

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Rønshauge Annex I - Gudsø

Rønshauge Annex I - Gudsø is a sales and breeding stable with a unique location in a small river valley near Kolding. Some of our female F1/hybrid sows are moved to this facility at 25 kg.

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Rønshauge Annex II - Kringsvej

Rønshauge Annex II - Kringsvej is also a sales and breeding stable located within easy reach of Rønshauge. This facility is primarily used for some of our young female LY/YL sows, which are moved here when they weigh approximately 7 kg.

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