The management of Breeding Center Rønshauge A/S

Kim Knudsen

Senior Works Manager:
Responsible for production and genetics

Tyge Bech

Senior Works Manager:
Responsible for sales, logistics and selection

Ditlev Lindholm

Selection Manager:
Responsible for selection and sales management for F1/hybrid animals (LY/YL)

Nicki Kristensen

Works Manager:
Production and sales management

Imre Szentgyorgyi

Works Manager:
Responsible for multiplication at Follerupgaard

Alexandra Bogdan

Responsible for bookkeeping and accounts

Ownership of Breeding Center Rønshauge A/S

Breeding Center Rønshauge is owned by Mads Kring, Birgitte Kring and Per Kring.

Mads Kring

Director, owner

Birgitte Kring

Administration, owner

Per Kring


Per and Birgitte Kring founded Breeding Center Rønshauge when they purchased the property in 1983.

Mads Kring is son of the founders Per and Birgitte Kring. In 2011, Mads Kring became a co-owner of Breeding Centre Rønshauge A/S with a view to a gradual generational change in the company. Mads has a Master of Finance and International Business from Aarhus University.