The story behind Avlscenter Rønshauge A/S

Breeding Center Rønshauge A/S is a family-owned company, which for decades has been one of the most significant breeding farms in the Danish pig breeding industry. The company operates within breeding, multiplication and the sale of breeding animals to more than 40 different countries.

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The strong breeding work carried out at Rønshauge is based on decades of experience and began in 1983, when Birgitte and Per Kring purchased the Rønshauge property. Over the years, the company grew, and from a herd of 30 SPF sows it now has a breeding herd of 2,500 purebred sows consisting of a mix of Danish Duroc, Danish Yorkshire and Danish Landrace which is unique in Denmark. In addition to our breeding work in Denmark, we have expanded by adding 850 purebred sows at multiplication facilities in Spain. Here we produce female F1/hybrid sows, primarily for the Spanish market.

Kring Agro

Our sister company Kring Agro is a modern cropping company whose main business is the production of wheat, barley, malt barley and rapeseed crops.

The arable land consists of 2,000 ha incl. lease and crop-growing agreements. Kring Agro also handles several service and logistics tasks on behalf of Breeding Center Rønshauge in connection with the sale and transport of breeding animals.

Kring Agro is managed by Cropping Manager Frank Lorentsen.


Breeding Center Rønshauge never compromises on the quality of the breeding animals supplied.
We strive to constantly improve our genetic breeding work and close customer relations. Our breeding animals therefore possess unique genetic traits, top health status and a high production value.

Our vision is to supply breeding animals that maximise the genetic yield our customers achieve from their pig production.

Through a close dialogue with our customers we endeavour to make pig production a more profitable business for our customers around the world. The potential lies in the genes, and when it comes to pig production, Danish genetics is a success story. As a proud partner of Danish Genetics’ innovative breeding programme combined with some of the world’s leading geneticists from Roslin Technologies as our genetics business partners, we base our business on our solid genetic foundation, taking it to new levels with the help of the latest research and knowledge.

Together we achieve the best

We regard our customers as close business partners, emphasising direct and personal contact as essential for the personal relationships we value so highly.
We make it a point of honour to listen and talk to all our customers, and we pay attention to the needs of the individual customer.
We do that because we know that co-operation with our customers produces the best results, and because we want to remain a professional, value-creating business partner to all our customers.