Breeding Center Rønshauge is a proud partner of Danish Genetics

Behind Danish Genetics are a number of Denmark's most experienced breeders, multipliers, distributors and foreign partners. With more than 100 years' experience with professional pig breeding combined with absolutely world-class genetics expertise, Danish Genetics is a new strong breeding company in the global pig production market.

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New name, same experience

The world is changing, and so are we. Danish Genetics is a new constellation with the ambition to do things differently: better for our customers, better for us and better for pig producers all over the world. That is why we have a new name, but our years of solid experience with pig breeding remains the same.

A world-class breeding programme with leading geneticists

A solid foundation of more than 100 years’ experience, state-of-the-art technologies and the world’s leading genetics experts are the ingredients that make up one of the world’s strongest and most innovative breeding programmes.

Danish Genetics’ business partner for the genetic part of the breeding programme is Roslin Technologies at Edinburgh University, which is recognised all over the world as a leader in genetic research, biotechnology and genome selection. With more than 500 scientific employees, the Roslin Institute possesses an enormous capacity within genetic research, and together with the Roslin Institute, Danish Genetics now sets a new agenda for the genetic development of our breeding animals. With Roslin Technologies as its genetics partner, Danish Genetics can not only keep up with the development but actually take the lead and influence future pig breeding.

Genome selection will be the backbone of Danish Genetics’ solid and reliable breeding programme, which is improved on an ongoing basis by geneticists and other scientists at Roslin Technologies. This means that we secure the genetic value of the breeding animals and take the lead to vigorously promote breeding progress. Genome selection is expected to be fully implemented by the end of 2018 based on Roslin Technologies’ knowledge of the latest developments in this area.

Our breeding animals get better and better with new technology

Roslin Technologies is Europe’s leading expert in genome selection. Genome selection is an extremely effective tool to ensure ongoing improvement of the breed through selection of the best breeding candidates. We use knowledge of the DNA markers of the different breeding animals to predict the likelihood that an animal will pass on a trait. And based on the DNA markers we determine the breeding value of each animal in relation to the different traits.

This provides a good basis for deciding which breeding candidates to select from breeding herds to produce the future generation to achieve the best possible results with the desired traits.


We offer a PRRS-negative breeding programme and associated AI programme

Optimal production and breeding requires that the breeding animals are in good health. Therefore, health status has top priority for all our professional business partners. We take our responsibility very seriously and always do our utmost to protect the animals against infections, so the products we supply all over the world have a high health status. Exceptionally, Danish Genetics is the only company in Denmark to make it a requirement that their breeding programme and the associated AI programme must be PRRS-negative.

100% PRRS-negative boars

All herds under Danish Genetics are approved SPF SUS herds with a high health status, and all boars are PRRS-negative. All boars at our artificial insemination (AI) stations have been subjected to blood tests before arriving at the AI station. This makes Danish Genetics a market leader in terms of health status and guarantees the customers that the semen they purchase comes exclusively from PRRS-negative boars.

Health status checked by experts

The Danish SPF SUS system was established in 1971 and is one of the world’s best health systems. The system is based on rules for protection against infection, health control and pig transport. Our high health status is therefore backed up by experts, and our customers are guaranteed a documented health declaration when purchasing semen or breeding animals.